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The Polygraph: An Instrument for Detecting Deception

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Polygraph, commonly referred to as a lie detector test, is an instrument utilized to aid in the detection of deception. The term polygraph, meaning multiple graphs, describes how the polygraph examiner monitors multiple channels of the examinee’s physiology while asking questions. Prior to the actual test, these questions are often reviewed in detail.

A typical polygraph interview lasts 2-4 hours and comprises three primary phases: the pre-test interview, in-test data collection, and post-interrogation/post-interview. The pre-test interview, which is usually the lengthiest part of the process, is critical in ensuring accurate results.

At Cross Point Polygraph, we believe in providing comprehensive pre-test interviews to obtain an accurate understanding of the examinee’s concerns. We recognize that the truth is often in the minor details and that some issues may be challenging for the examinee to discuss. However, this approach sets us apart from other examination companies, as our goal is to uncover the truth and provide the best possible outcome.

Our experienced examiners take pride in using ethical and accurate examination methods, adhering to the high standards set by professional organizations such as the American Polygraph Association and the American Association of Police Polygraphists.

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