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Welcome: A Little About Us

Welcome to Cross Point Solutions LLC, where we seamlessly operate two interconnected divisions under one cohesive umbrella.

Within Cross Point Polygraph, our commitment lies in certifying truth. With specialized expertise in collaborating with law firms, counseling services, and businesses, our singular mission is to authenticate the truth, ensuring integrity and reliability in every endeavor.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to optimize business operations and enhance efficiency. Our robust risk management strategies provide peace of mind, safeguarding your business against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

At Cross Point Solutions, we are dedicated to delivering professional excellence and exceeding expectations. Join us as we navigate the intersection of truth, integrity, and innovation in today's dynamic business landscape.

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Our Story

Welcome to Cross Point Solutions, where innovation meets integrity. Originally established in 2020 as Cross Point Polygraph, our journey has evolved, leading us to our current identity as Cross Point Solutions. Our name pays homage to an esteemed mentor whose wisdom and guidance have shaped our vision from the outset. Inspired by the resilience of our founder, Scott Stone, and motivated by the lessons learned from a significant event in 2018, our company emerged with a renewed sense of purpose. Scott's journey, under the mentorship that ignited his entrepreneurial spirit, laid the foundation for what would become Cross Point Solutions.


As Director of Operations, Aleyana Stone brings a wealth of experience to our team, with a diverse background spanning the education sector and professional collaboration with esteemed companies and individuals.


Polygraph Examiner Scott Stone, a former police officer, offers a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience in areas such as detective work, criminal investigations, counseling, and psychology.

Completing our team is Eye Detect Examiner Stephanie Hanks, a former first responder with experience as an EMT, firefighter, and within the trades and negotiations sector. Stephanie is passionate about people and strives to make them feel comfortable every step of the way.

Together, our team at Cross Point Solutions is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Join us as we continue to innovate, inspire, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of our clients and communities.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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