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Business I.T. Solutions

At Cross Point Solutions LLC, we specialize in IT and Risk Management solutions, providing our clients with the very best in information technology. Whether you’re looking for computer monitoring, antivirus solutions, or other security options, our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible. We pride ourselves on being able to offer superior support, personalized solutions, and a deep understanding of the risks and benefits associated with all forms of IT.

IT Services

At Cross Point Solutions, we leverage the combined capabilities of Pulseway and Bitdefender to deliver a comprehensive passive monitoring service to our esteemed clientele. This sophisticated approach not only anticipates potential issues but also ensures continuous vigilance over your data assets.

Our non-invasive passive monitoring methodology empowers us to proactively identify and address emerging issues before they escalate, thereby fostering a proactive and preventive approach to system management. Through this advanced monitoring system, we proficiently administer updates for third-party applications, fortifying your systems against evolving threats and vulnerabilities.

Moreover, our expertise extends to the management of Azure and Google Admin centers, affording us the capability to meticulously regulate access privileges. This proactive control over user access ensures a secure environment, mitigating potential threats and fortifying the integrity of your data. At Cross Point Solutions, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that safeguard your systems and data with precision and efficiency.

If you are interested, contact our offices and we will do a business consultation.

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