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Ensuring Ethical Polygraph Examinations: Our Approach to Question Design

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

At our polygraph examination firm, we prioritize the use of ethical methods. Prior to the examination, our Examiners will discuss the issues or information with the examinee, and if applicable, an attorney. Based on this discussion and any additional information gathered, our Examiners will design their questions to be asked during the examination. For pre-employment or addiction-related testing, we have a list of predetermined questions that we use.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that going in with preconceived notions or biased questioning can compromise the integrity of the examination. This is especially true when attorneys are involved in the development of the questions, as this can lead to issues in criminal or civil court proceedings. Moreover, if the questions are predetermined by the attorney, it is possible for the examinee to become “habituated” to them, which can result in a false result due to manipulation of the test. This is an ethical issue recognized by the American Polygraph Association, which has mandated that examiners must develop their own questions based on the interview and information gathered.

These measures ensure a true, unbiased, and ethical polygraph examination. If you’re seeking a genuine truth verification and lie detector test, we would be honored to do business with you.

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